LWF Youth Pre-Assembly

Youth Message

Final Draft - LWF Youth Message.pdf


LWF Youth Message to 13th Assembly_SPANISH.pdf


LWF Youth Message to 13th Assembly_FRENCH.pdf


LWF Youth Message to 13th Assembly_GERMAN.pdf



Welcome to the 13th Lutheran World Federation Assembly and to the LWF Youth Pre-Assembly! It's so exciting to by bring together this group of dynamic, diverse, and dedicated young Lutheran leaders. 

You have been called by God to this work and we are grateful that you said “yes!” Our communion is enriched by your talents, your perspective, and your care. 

The voices of young people were important to Jesus, and they are important to us as Lutherans – the leadership of the church is incomplete without you. We do this together – millions of Lutheran young people around the world praying for and working with you. We pray that God blesses our gathering, our relationships, and our work.